Defeat Darkness With Help From The Sun

Given the spiraling costs of electricity and other power sources, it makes sense to invest in off-grid DC solar power systems . As long as you are in an area where the sun's rays can be harvested effectively, you can start by switching to an off-grid power system to meet some of your minor (or even major) needs. Forethought is necessary before investing in an off-grid system since you can hope to get a maximum power output of 15KW daily. You should consult with an electrician to find which system suits your needs best. During times of low power yields or cloudy weather increased energy efficiency measures and rationing of power may be necessary. Another power guzzler is the street light. However, when you switch to the solar road stud light you stand to benefit from the most advanced solar and LED technology. It scores over conventional reflective markers because of the built-in, self sustaining LED. In addition to being significantly brighter than conventional bulbs, these LEDs are far longer lasting and extremely energy efficient. Plus, it is using a renewable energy source. No line voltage, trenching, or metering and no power outages either with these solar products. A major reason we fear the dark is because of the dangers which might be lurking unseen. The night vision IP camera is major tool for us to keep our eyes open even in the dark for it can operate even in very dim light without losing out on clarity. With IP cameras you get the benefit of real time surveillance directly to any place over the internet since they store and record the information in digital form which offers almost unlimited storage space. It can be set up as wireless cameras which offer lower installation costs as well as covert video surveillance. A PTZ camera , on the other hand, can pan (move left and right), zoom (move in for a close view), or tilt (move up and down). It can be moved manually or programmed to move to a preset position. Some PTZ network cameras are made to be used in an auto-patrol mode and some can't. The auto-patrol is used to step the camera through the list of preset positions. A speed dome camera can be installed inside a dark dome and are designed in a way that they go unnoticed by visitors. It is good for most home, office, shop or mall security needs because it can see in a 360 degree direction. Public places like bus terminals and railway stations where there would be all kinds of people coming and going can be kept under constant surveillance with its help. You never need to feel that you are at the mercy of lawless elements again if you put technology to effective use.